Millennials Are Using Dating Apps To Get Jobs!

You know how a bunch of us are becoming freelancers these days? Well it turns out, we’re using our resources to help us get more freelance gigs. That’s right – we’re going to the apps not just for casual sex, but to promote our services. And it’s kind of working in a weird way.

Bumble’s business spinoff has been successful, but we might not even need different versions of the apps to get a few gigs here and there for extra cash. People will just match with people with similar interests, and then slide into their DMs to see if they need any work done for them. People are hacking the app for jobs. And the other thing? We’re accepting low pay just to get the visibility.

And another great perk? There are people that actually make friends doing this. One minute you’re talking shop, and the next you’re at happy hour. It’s a win win!

Source: Telegraph

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