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When it comes to adequate healthcare, not all states are created equal. While a recent CDC report says 88.1% of Americans have a regular place to go for medical care, conditions are certainly different across the country, and in some states way costlier.

Well, WalletHub set out to determine the best and worst states for healthcare in the U.S., judging all 50 states and the District of Columbia on 40 factors in areas of cost, accessibility and outcome, including average monthly insurance premiums, physicians per capita, hospital beds per capita, life expectancy and more. 

With all that taken into consideration, Vermont tops the list as the state with the best healthcare, scoring a 66.31 out of 100 and coming in first for outcomes and cost, although it does rank 23rd for accessibility.

Top Ten States For Healthcare

  1. Vermont

  2. Massachusetts

  3. New Hampshire

  4. Minnesota

  5. Hawaii

  6. Rhode Island

  7. Colorado

  8. District of Columbia

  9. Iowa

  10. Maryland

On the flipside, Louisiana is the worst state for healthcare, scoring just a 41.14, an coming in 49th for outcomes and 48th for cost. 

Ten Worst States for Healthcare

  1. Louisiana

  2. Mississippi

  3. Alaska

  4. Arkansas

  5. North Carolina

  6. Alabama

  7. Oklahoma

  8. South Carolina

  9. Georgia

  10. Florida

Click here to see where your state falls on the list. 

Source; WalletHub

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