Women Are Getting Botox In Their Hands!

Women who don’t want the lines on their faces to give away their age have been getting fancy facials, Botox, and fillers and now they’re giving their hands the same treatments. Dermatologists are injecting fillers like Restylane into hands to make them look plumper and younger.

“The face was the first frontier, but hands are also constantly exposed and visible, and people began noticing a contrast between the face and hands,” explains dermatologist Dr. Anetta Reszko.


So how popular are these hand treatments? Plastic surgeon Dr. David Rapaport reports a 25% increase in hand rejuvenation in his practice in the last two years. He says there are better treatments now and patients are getting more educated about it. Getting a filler injection is pretty quick, the treatment usually takes about 20 minutes, normally costs between $2,000 and $3,000 and results last about a year.

And Rapaport says the rise in hand-improvement treatments has changed what used to be true barometer of age. “You used to be able to look at someone’s hands to determine their real age,” he says. “But not anymore!”

Source: Whimn

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