CVS Will Soon Offer A "telemedicine" Service On Your Phone!

Think of it as a digital doctor.

Drug store giant CVS Health plans to offer a nationwide service to treat easy-to-diagnose maladies and other medical issues via its smartphone app.

The telemedicine service will be offered for diagnosis of conditions like colds and flu, skin issues and general wellness matters.

The video visit service, which will be provided on smartphones, will cost $59 and can be paid by credit card or debit card. CVS, which is close to acquiring health insurance firm Aetna, said insurance coverage on the telemedicine service will be available "in the coming months."


The telemedicine service will be available at all hours every day in a partnership with virtual care company Teladoc on the CVS Pharmacy app.

CVS said that after completing a questionnaire, each patient is given "a board-certified health care provider licensed in their state, who will review the completed questionnaire with the patient’s medical history, and proceed with the video-enabled visit."

The chain is initially offering the tele-health service in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Virginia and Washington, D.C. It will be rolled out nationwide by the end of the year, "where allowed," the company said.

Source: USA Today

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