Have You Heard Of The "Dirty Keto Diet"?

People everywhere are trying out the keto diet to try and get their body burning the fats they take in instead of the carbs. But if you can’t commit to a super low-carb diet – there may be a version of the fad that works better for you. It’s called the dirty keto diet, and it allows you to eat a lot of the foods that the “clean” version prohibits.


While the regular keto diet advises you to eat foods that aren’t so processed, fans of the dirty keto diet will tell you that processed foods actually aren’t that bad. You can even head to McDonald’s a few times a week if you wanted. Stick to the low-carb life for sure, but you don’t need to strive for a certain amount of proteins and fats per day.

Keep your carb intake under 20-grams, and the rest is up to you. There are plenty of people out there who claim the dirty keto diet helped them more than the keto diet did – mostly because it was near impossible to eat clean all the time. Make sure you’re still getting the micronutrients you need!

Source: Insider

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