Parents Are Seeking Personal Trainers For Their Kids!

While all parents wish their kids would eat healthy and stay active, most moms and dads know that’s probably not going to happen without a struggle. But two parents in London aren’t giving up without a fight, and have taken a step that some may consider extreme to keep their kids in shape.

A UK couple recently posted a job listing on a childcare site seeking a personal trainer for their children, ages six and 11. Although they acknowledge that the request sounds a “bit weird,” and that some parents may think it’s wrong for them to want their kids to work out, the mom says they simply want their kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle early on.

The mom also admit they’re worried about the kids becoming overweight, since she and her husband “both had a bad time in school” because of their weight, and don’t want their children to be bullied, although the 11 year old has already experienced some, but they hope by losing some weight he’ll gain more confidence.

The parents are looking for a trainer to work with the kids four days a week for one hour, offering a mix of cardio and resistance exercises, while tracking the children’s diet and overall nutrition. 

And while some may blast the parents for being so worried about their kids’ appearance, they also have quite a bit of support. “It's clear that this advert has come from a good place, but I'm not sure about enforcing exercise on a child as young as six,” Richard Conway, founder of shares, adding, “I think it's admirable that these parents are giving their children the foundations to be confident, happy and healthy people, even before they've gone to secondary school."

Source: The Mail

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