We Talk To Allyn Rose, First SI Woman To Model With A Double Mastectomy


Allyn Rose is the first woman with a double mastectomy to get to model with Sports Illustrated.

The former Miss Maryland USA got the mastectomy 3 years ago after she lost her mother to breast cancer.


Rose said that putting on the swimsuit and competing in the swim search was not easy since she has struggled to love her new body since the surgery.

“I realized that this is the first time that I had been in a swimsuit in public since my surgery. It had been almost three years and I had unconsciously not put myself because of how I felt about my body,” 

Rose said.


Finally coming out and putting on a swim suit during the SI swim search was the most empowering feeling said Rose.

“To have that empowering moment where I got to put that swimsuit on, walk down that runway, feel great about myself, who I was, where I was and my body was just really awesome,” 

Rose said.

Sports Illustrated is working on bringing more diverse women to its swimsuit issue. Among the woman who walked on the runway was amputee and Paralympic gold medalist Breanna Huckaby.

Source: Circa

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