Americans Spend A Lot Of Time Looking At Screens!

It’s no secret that these days most people spend way too much time looking at screens, but just how bad is it? Well, a new report suggests Americans spend 42% of their waking hours in front of screens, and things are only getting worse.

The study concludes that if folks get eight hours of sleep a night, that means they are spending six-hours and 43-minutes each day in front of a screen, or 7,956 days of their life. And those numbers have gone up exponentially in the past few years, with 79% of people saying their screen time has increased in the past five years, with 41% saying it’s gone up “a lot.”

Thanks to our computers and our phones it’s hard to avoid screens completely, but surprisingly, the survey finds they aren’t necessarily the screens people are looking at the most. In fact, televisions are still by far the most watched screens (91%), followed by smartphones (74%).

Top Ten Most Looked At Screens

  1. TV (91%)

  2. Smartphone (74%)

  3. Laptop (73%)

  4. DVD/Blu ray player (64%)

  5. Desktop computer (56%)

  6. iPad/tablet (46%)

  7. Video game console (42%)

  8. iPhone (31%)

  9. Kindle/e-reader (27%)

  10. MP3 player (26%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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