Chilli Forgets a Special Anniversary...Again

It happened again. I totally forgot what day it was...but (like always), but husband reminded me with a special note. I found this on my coffee mug this morning as I headed out to work...

Don Engagement Note

I smiled...because OF COURSE he remembered. For the record, I don't forget our wedding anniversary. LOL. I may suck at remembering to wish him a happy "engagement-versary", but I vividly remember the details on that day. 

We had been kayaking on the Potomac (we had purchased a 3-hour tour thru Groupon). Don and I had a blast exploring our city from the river that humid day. Our arms were sore and we were stinky...but he suggested we head over to the Mall and walk around. As we got closer to the Capitol, he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee. 

I started "craffing" (crying and laughing). I remember hearing tourists in the distance clapping. I said YES! We grabbed the closest people to us and asked them to snap a pic...

Toby + Chilli Mornings


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