When Is It Okay To Check Your Partner's Phone?

If there’s one thing that’s SUPER tempting in a relationship – it’s checking through our boo’s phone. It’s wrong. We know it’s wrong. But it’s just so easy sometimes when they’re asleep or out of the room or whatever. But is it ever really okay? Nope.

But you’re also not alone. About one in four women and one in five men have admitted to checking their partner’s phones from time to time. You have access to their whole world – their texts, Instagram DMs, dating apps, and emails. You’ll know in seconds if something’s not quite right. But that doesn’t mean you should do it.

If you’re checking through your partner’s phone – or even if you’re just thinking about it – you’re probably dealing with larger trust issues in your relationship. The better method? Be honest with your partner about how you’re feeling. Maybe even ask them to SHOW you their phone. If they’re not into it, you may be in trouble.

Source: Huffington Post

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