Work Emails Are Straining Your Relationships!

Literally everything is at our fingertips these days – and that includes our work. EVEN when it’s after hours. It’s hard to pull away from your work email when you’re at home, but studies show that checking your work email when you’re not on the clock can pretty negatively affect your mental health…and your relationships.

It seems harmless at first. You get an email that you figure you can deal with quickly and painlessly, so you do it over your dinner table. It’s not that bad at first – but it can snowball pretty quickly into becoming a regular habit. Getting into the habit of being constantly connected to your job can increase anxiety like you wouldn’t believe.

And when you’re unhappy? Your significant other gets the brunt of the sass. Next time you’re thinking about answering a quick email on your next dinner date, think again. Your boo will quickly get tired of your relentless stress.

Source: Insider

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