96 Percent Of Women Admit To Experience Anxiety!

We all know that life can be pretty stressful, and a new survey reveals that all that stress is causing a lot of anxiety for women.

A survey conducted by “Women’s Day” and Healthy Women, finds that 96% of women say they’ve experienced some level of anxiety, with 81% suffering at least weekly. And the older they are, the more anxiety they feel, with those surveyed saying they’ve had more anxiety in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, than they did in their 20s and 30s. Things can be so bad, that 61% of those surveyed say they’ve experienced a panic attack at some point in their life.

As for what’s causing all of this anxiety, finances are the biggest source followed by work and their relationship with their significant other. And when it comes to dealing with their anxiety, 43% admit they haven’t spoken about their concerns with a healthcare professional. Instead, they are using coping mechanisms, with 44% saying they watch TV, 41% turning to food, 33% exercising, and another 33% avoiding social situations. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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