Internet Exposes Ace Hardware's Pink Tax!

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"The Pink Tax" is something women are all too aware of, having had to spend more money than guys on things like razors and lotions for years. But apparently now the Pink Tax is also being applied at the hardware store, and people are not happy at all.

Ace Hardware store is currently selling two identical “hotel personal care kits,” although one is blue for men, and the other is pink for women. Despite them both having the same exact items inside, the men’s kit costs $7.59 while the women’s kit is $2.40 more, at $9.99. While you may think the price is higher because the women’s kit contains so-called feminine items, it doesn’t, the only thing differentiating the products is the color.

Thank you to @sugarsbyleah for making hardware a bit sweeter with her #decoratedcookies

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After a Twitter user named Tom McDermott shared pictures of the two items and their pricetags Twitter went off. “Unbelievable. So glad I don't shop there anymore,” one person wrote, while another added, “Um, pink plastic is more expensive??? Ace out here wildin.” Check out more reactions below:

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