Most Expensive Places To Rent An Airbnb!

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While some people still prefer to stay in a hotel while on vacation, more and more people are embracing Airbnb, hoping to find cheaper rates than at hotels. But not all Airbnbs are cheap, and there are certainly parts of the world where you'll be paying more than in others.

The website Upgraded Points looked at 250 of the most popular cities in the world to find out which places have the cheapest and most expensive Airbnb rentals, and it seem folks in North America are getting a raw deal. Overall, cities in America and Europe are the most expensive, while Airbnbss in Eastern Europe and South America are the cheapest, and those in China fall somewhere in the middle. 

The cost of Airbnbs in America is so high, that seven of the Top Ten most expensive cities are in the U.S., and an eighth is Puerto Rico which is a U.S. territory. Overall, San Francisco is the most expensive city to rent a private room, with an average daily rate of $78, but let’s face it they’re usually a lot more than that.

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Top Ten Most Expensive Cities To Rent An Airbnb Room

  1. San Francisco, CA

  2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

  3. Los Angeles, CA

  4. Rome, Italy

  5. New York, NY

  6. Boston, MA

  7. Irvine, CA

  8. San Diego, CA

  9. Washington, DC

  10. Paris, France

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On the flipside, the cheapest city in the world to rent an AirBbnb room is Salvador, Brazil, where the average room price is only $14. Overall, Brazil is pretty cheap with six cities of the Top Ten in the country.

Top Ten Cheapest Cities To Rent An Airbnb Room

  1. Salvador, Brazil

  2. Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  3. Lima, Peru

  4. Campinas, Brazil

  5. Porto Alegre, Brazil

  6. Quito, Ecuador

  7. Valencia, Venezuela

  8. Recife, Brazil

  9. Medellin, Colombia

  10. Curitiba, Brazil

Source: Upgraded Points

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