10-Year-Old Helps Aunt Deliver Baby!


She’s only 10, but Chloe Carrion has already saved a life. She was home alone with her 21-year-old aunt, who was hiding her pregnancy from loved ones and didn’t realize she’d gone into labor. Chloe’s aunt called her into the bathroom immediately after giving birth and the girl was shocked by the discovery.

“She gave me the baby because she got into the bathtub and she lost a lot of blood, so she fell and passed out,” Chloe recalls. “So I called 911.”

Chloe also called her mom, who drove over to the house to help. And she used what she had learned by watching YouTube videos about taking care of dolls to clean up the baby boy and swaddle him. Emergency dispatchers guided her through cutting the infant’s umbilical cord and keeping her aunt calm.

By the time Chloe’s mom, April West, arrived, she was rocking the swaddled baby back and forth as she waited for paramedics. “She was so brave,” April says. “Even as an adult, I don’t think I could have done what she did.”

Source: WBAL

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