Have You Tried Cold Brew For Your Hair?

Now that we’re halfway through August, fall really is right around the corner. While some are counting the days until their beloved Pumpkin Spice Lattes return to Starbucks, others are marking the change of season with a whole new hair color. And this fall, one of the biggest trends takes its inspiration from coffee.

New York City-based colorist Kimberly Bonondona gets credit for kicking things off, she first posted the shade to Instagram and fans quickly started calling it “cold brew.” So it’s brown, but we’re not talking about a boring brunette - this color has swirls of mahogany that actually do resemble an iced coffee when applied to dark brown hair.


So if you have dark brown locks and want to change things up a bit for autumn, without doing anything drastic, this could be your new color inspiration. But colorist Nikki Ferrara warns that this might not be the hue for those who hate any sign of brassiness or red tones in their hair. But if you’re into it, let Instagram help you show your colorist exactly what you want when you go. And happy almost fall!

Source: Allure

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