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Toby Knapp, Charlie Maxx [filling in for Chilli Amar this week] and Producer Kala share the one story they know you are going to be talking about today!

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Charlie Maxx's Pick: Wrong Date!

A newlywed husband found himself in the doghouse with his wife when he got the wrong wedding date tattooed on his finger. To make matters worse, Wayne Lomax got the inking done just two weeks after his big day — and even then didn’t notice the mistake for six weeks.

The groom had decided it would be romantic to get the wedding’s date tattooed on his finger instead of wearing a ring as he was worried he would lose the jewelry while at work. It wasn’t until his wife Natalie was telling pals at a party about his romantic gesture six weeks later that the red-faced couple realized he gave the tattoo artist the wrong date — swapping August 25, 2017 for July 25.

But cheeky Wayne wasn’t done there — and even encouraged his partner of nine years Natalie to get their correct wedding date tattooed on her ring finger too. Natalie, who works in housekeeping at a hotel, said, “When he went in to get it changed, he booked me in for a tattoo on my leg for my Christmas present. I was laughing at him for his reaction to the pain when he was getting his fingers done.”

Source: Fox News

Toby Knapp's Pick: Slurpee Cookies?!?

7-Eleven, home of the Slurpee, is combining the iconic frozen drink with the famous soft icing cookies, creating a 7-Eleven Cherry Slurpee sugar cookie of your dreams!

They're replacing the classic lofthouse cookie icing with signature Cherry Slurpee flavored frosting — and it looks strangely delicious. F

So far, it looks like cherry is the only Slurpee lofthouse cookie flavor available at 7-Eleven! 

Source: Bustle


Producer Kala's Pick: Cringy Contact Lenses Story!

Everyone loses a contact lens now and then, which is why one unnamed woman from the United Kingdom didn’t think anything of it when she lost one during a game of badminton. That is, until she went to the eye doctor almost three decades later complaining about her swollen eyelid. 

Doctors found a “well-defined” cyst right above her eye. When they surgically removed the cyst and broke it open, they made a shocking discovery – a single hard contact lens. It turns out that the contact lens probably moved up into her eyelid when she got hit in the face during the badminton game, staying there for 28 years.

They’re still not sure how the contact lens only started causing problems so many years later, since there were no “elicited triggers” to start the sudden inflammation. The woman’s just glad her eyelid isn’t drooping and puffy anymore.

Source: Live Science

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