A Couple's Argument Forces A Plane To Land!

You know how it goes – you’re on a flight, and there’s that one person who won’t stop blabbing away. Well, at least you make it to your destination, right? One couple flying from London to Spain were in such a bad fight that the flight was forced to reroute for an early landing… all over a text message.

Ronald St. Ville and Pauline Gordon were flying on Jet2 airlines when Gordon saw a text message on her man’s phone that she apparently didn’t like one bit. The two got in an explosive argument, reportedly threatening to get violent with each other. They were separated by the flight crew for the safety of the other passengers but the pilot ended up changing course, landing in Portugal.

The couple made a few kids cry with their antics, according to a witness. They were charged with endangering the safety of an aircraft but deny the charges.

Source: BBC

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