Parents Picking Baby Names Based On Available Domains!

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When choosing a baby name people can get inspired in all different ways, whether they want to name a child after a family member, or their favorite musician, or just come up with something unique. But a new survey finds that some millennial parents are looking to the Internet to find their baby names, more specifically, Internet domain names.

A poll by GoDaddy finds that 20% of millennial parents say they’ve either changed or thought about changing their baby’s name based on domain name availability. As for why parents would purchase or obtain a child’s domain name before birth, 45% said they wanted to reserve it for the future, while 42% used it as a digital baby book, and 42% wanted it in order to be able to teach kids how to use the Internet. 

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Online presence is particularly important to younger parents, with 47% of them saying it’s crucial that their child have one early, something only 27% of Gen Xers agree with. What’s more, 38% of millennial parents say they have created, or are thinking about creating a website for their kids, something only 20% of Gen Xers say.

As for why parents think their kids need a website, 48% say it will be important for a future job search, while 47% did it for college application purposes. In addition, 37% believe personal websites will replace social media, so they’ll be necessary.

Source: SWNS Digital

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