Are You A Foodie?

We're always hearing people these days describe themselves as foodies, but what actually constitutes a foodie? Well, that certainly does depend, but it seems a lot of people feel they meet the criteria.

A new survey finds that 74% of Americans believe they have a sophisticated palate, while 56% believe they are foodies. As for what makes people a foodie, 56% of people think it’s the willingness to try new foods, while 47% say it’s about wanting to learn about a food’s origin.


 Other signs you’re a foodie include:

  • Being able to cook a quality meal (42%)

  • Having an awareness of what foods are in season (32%)

  • Knows how to pair cured meats with cheeses, wine and beer (30%)

  • Always have a restaurant you should try (24%)

  • Being able to pronounce difficult food names (19%)

  • Eating healthy (19%)

  • Having traveled to a country to try their food (17%)


But just because you don’t feel like a foodie now, it doesn’t mean things may not change. In fact, the poll finds that the average American won’t have their “taste awakening” until they are 31, which is the age they feel their palate really matured.

Source: SWNS Digital

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