August 22, 2018 Whole Show

August 22, 2018 Whole Show

Relive the best moments from Toby + Chilli Mornings including your favorite segments like the Nearly Impossible Question and Would You Rather, hot topics from each and every morning and more!

On today's show Tessa Hall is back filling in for Chilli Amar and we get to learn more about her! In addition to racing her Porsche she is also into silversmithing! Also Toby and Tessa share how you can buy an Olive Garden unlimited pasta pass for a years worth of unlimited pasta! PETA also puts the pressure on Nabisco to change their packaging and Toby has some thoughts on this change! It is Wednesday, which means another round of Would You Rather! All this and more on today's show! 

Toby + Chilli Mornings


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