Fruit Loops Releases Clothing Line!

Cereal lovers, you can now eat your old school favorite cereal and wear it too. Froot Loops has a fashion line now and it’s as rainbow-colored as the sugary breakfast itself. The clothing is a collaboration with UK brand AWAYTOMARS and it makes Froot Loops and Toucan Sam fashionable in the “Whatever Froots Your Loop” line.

“Let’s embark on a journey to a vibrant and wild reality with Kellogg’s Froot Loops and AWAYTOMARS,” the AWAYTOMARS x Froot Loops site reads. “Whatever Froots Your Loops’ is about being true to yourself and bringing joy and fulfillment to your everyday life.”


The 10-piece collection includes everything from hoodies to sneakers to tees in vivid Froot Loop-friendly colors along with some black and white. The line was just released and is available for sale online and at Kellogg’s N.Y.C.

Source: Hello Giggles

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