Riding Uber Is TWICE As Expensive As Owning A Car!

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft can be pretty handy for those who don’t have a car, but all those trips can definitely add up. In fact, a new report suggests it may be cheaper to actually buy a car than rely on them.

A report by the AAA looked at travel in urban areas, since it’s people in these areas that are most likely to use ride-sharing services as a full-time transpiration option. What they found was that these people drive about 10,841 miles per year, which could cost them about $20,118 annually in ride-sharing costs. And believe it or not, that number is actually twice as much as it would cost to own your own car, and in addition to the vehicle, that includes things like fuel, insurance and parking.

The report finds that folks in Boston are likely to spend the most on ride-sharing services, about $27,545 per year, with Nashville, Seattle, Philadelphia and Chicago also high on the list.

Cities Spending The Most On Ride-Sharing Services

  1. Boston ($27,545)

  2. Nashville ($26,397)

  3. Seattle ($23,951)

  4. Philadelphia ($23,201)

  5. Chicago ($22,020)

  6. San Francisco ($21,972)

  7. New York ($21,279)

  8. Washington, DC ($21,093)

  9. Denver ($20,434)

  10. Cleveland ($20,091)

Source: AAA

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