College Degrees With The Most Prospects!

With college kids headed off for another semester, we bet there are a lot of parents out there hoping they aren’t wasting good money on their kids’ education. While most parents want their kids to enjoy classes and discover something they’ll be happy doing the rest of their life, deep down we bet a lot are just crossing their fingers their kid picks a major that will make it easier to find a job when they get out. And as you can imagine, there are definitely certain majors that have a much greater return on investment.

Well CareerCast has just come out with their list of the college degrees with the best job prospects, and, well, we hope your kid is good at math and science. The degree topping the list is Accounting, with employment rates for accountants historically over 90%. It is also a field the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to grow by 10% in the next eight years. Just behind Accounting is Business Management, followed by Chemistry.

College Degrees With The Beset Job Prospects

  1. Accounting

  2. Business Management

  3. Chemistry

  4. Computer Science

  5. Finance

  6. Information Systems

  7. Marketing And Market Research

  8. Mathematics

  9. Mechanical Engineering

  10. Nursing

Source: CareerCast

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