How To Get Over Your Ex!

Getting over a breakup can be awful and sometimes it feels like it’s never going to end. Part of that is because everything reminds you of your ex and your time together, so you’ve got to make some changes to help you get past the heartache. And making these moves can help.

  • Rediscover old interests - Remember all that stuff you used to love doing before your ex came into your life? Reconnect with those passions because research shows pursuing dormant interests is a more effective coping mechanism than trying new things.

  • Eliminate triggers - Regular reminders of your ex can deepen your wounds, so get rid of furniture, jewelry, and photos that constantly make you think of your former flame.

  • Cut ties - Forget trying to get closure on the past because keeping in touch with your ex tends to just prolong the heartache, psychology professor Gary Lewandowski explains.

  • Unfollow - Cut the social media ties, too. A study found that those who Facebook stalk their exes have more negative feelings, are more distressed and feel a bigger sense of longing than those who cut online ties.

  • Change your “blame statements” - To help you let go, think in terms of “we” instead of just blaming your ex for the downfall of the relationship.

  • Turn what you don't have into what you can do - Flip the script in your mind from all the things you’ve lost to all the things you’ve gained. Force yourself to look at things with a positive spin to help you move on.

  • Write letters to your ex—but don’t send them - Write down how you feel, how the breakup is affecting you and anything else you’d like to tell your ex, but don’t send it to your ex. It’s not about actually telling them how you feel, just helping you let go and get closure.

  • Enlist your fan club - You’re going to need social support, so reach out to your besties and loved ones who can reinforce your positive qualities and be a “loving sounding board” for you.

  • Volunteer - You may feel like having a pity party for yourself while nursing your broken heart, but it’s good to get involved with something like volunteering to get out of your head and put the focus on helping others.

Source: Women's Health

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