There Are Two Kinds Of Cheating, According To Experts!

Cheating sucks. It sucks to be cheating on, and if you’re found out, it sucks to be the person that cheated. (It should suck to be the person that cheated from the get go, but I digress.) According to relationship experts, there are two kinds of cheating. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Cheating to end a relationship – This happens when you’ve really checked out of your relationship altogether. Maybe you’re not feeling the spark anymore, so you feel the spark with someone else. Maybe you know that the cheating will end in a breakup you couldn’t bring yourself to open up yourself. It’s called a can-opener affair.

  • Cheating to fill an emotional void – Maybe you have a fetish your partner isn’t into or you’re seeking out an emotional connection with someone else because things have been dull at home. You don’t want the relationship to end, but you feel kind of stuck, so you cheat.

The more common type of cheating is the second type, and to be honest – a lot of cheating these days is forgiven as people get more and more into the idea of open relationships. But let’s face it – if you feel the need to cheat, you should feel the need to talk to your partner first. Period!

Source: Metro

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