Kids Are Hiring Stylists For Their Back To School Outfits!

No longer a mainstay of the rich and famous, personal shoppers and stylists now cater to an increasingly diverse clientele — some of them in elementary school. Stylists say most of these kiddie clothes horses simply refuse to endure another tense shopping trip to the mall with parents who just don’t understand.

Image consultant Amanda Sanders says New York City kids in particular “want to express their individuality.”

That said, adds Sanders — whose newest client is 3 years old — they sometimes need help.


She takes her young clients everywhere, from street-savvy downtown stores such as Flight Club to kids’ mecca Lester’s to Barneys, where some parents have their credit cards on file to pay for their spawn’s $300 Gucci sneakers, $800 Moncler jackets and $1,000 Yves Saint Laurent or Prada backpacks.

She and other stylists say it’s gratifying to help groom future fashionistas, claiming that a strong personal style builds poise.


Although it’s usually parents who do the hiring, some kids take the initiative themselves, often by Googling “stylist” or “personal shopper.”

Are you willing to hire a stylist for your kids? 

Source: NY Post

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