Starbucks Will Pay Employees To Volunteer!

Starbucks has teamed up with Points of Light, an international nonprofit focused on solving and raising awareness on serious social problems, and picked 36 Starbucks service fellows from a total of 13 different cities to participate in the new program. 

The initiative will last for six months, during which time the fellows will spend a minimum of 20 hours per week working for their local Starbucks, and a maximum of 20 hours per week doing work in the community, per CNN. The nonprofits available for the Starbucks fellows to work with all fall under the umbrella of the company's outreach causes, which include environmental sustainability, providing disaster relief, combatting world hunger, aiding refugees, and supporting veteran and military families.


Starbucks' program is a great incentive for employees to be excited about their work and stick to their jobs at the company. In addition to working with local nonprofits, the program fellows will have the opportunity to recommend where company-donated funds are allocated. 

The Starbucks Foundation announced recently that $1.3 million will be given in grants to the company's Opportunity for All program, and employees who are working at local nonprofits will be able to help decide where the money goes — this is an amazing chance for people who know their cities well and are passionate about improving them.

Source: Bustle

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