Living Near Green Spaces Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risk!

There are lots of reasons to love our local parks, aside from giving our kiddos a place to play, they can help increase physical fitness, improve mental health, and boost the immune system. And now new research finds that living near urban green areas have another health benefit as well - lowering the risk of breast cancer.

A new study looked at 1129 women with breast cancer and 1619 women without breast cancer and analyzed factors like lifestyle, age, socioeconomic status and education levels. Researchers found that living close to green spaces like gardens and parks was linked with a lower risk of breast cancer. But not all greenery is created equal because they found that living near agricultural areas was linked with an increased risk of breast cancer. So how that green area is being used makes a difference.

Study coordinators point out that previous studies have shown that the health benefits of green spaces could be due to higher levels of physical activity and less air pollution, but this research found a different perk. These scientists suggest that lower levels of stress in people living near green spaces could play a role.

So if you live near a park or garden, get out and enjoy it more. It could be good for your health!

Source: Women's Health

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