The Hardest Working States In America!

There’s no doubt Americans work hard, and sometimes even work so hard they fail to take all of their vacation days. But it turns out, workers in some states put in more hours than others.

Well, WalletHub has just come out with their picks for the hardest working states in the U.S., judging the 50 states on 10 key indicators, including average workweek hours, share of workers with multiple jobs, average commute time, annual volunteer hours per resident and more.

With all that in mind, the site picks Alaska as the hardest-working state, with a score of 68.54 out of 100, landing at number two for direct work factors, and four for indirect work factors.

Top Ten Hardest-Working States

  1. Alaska

  2. North Dakota

  3. Wyoming

  4. South Dakota

  5. Nebraska

  6. New Hampshire

  7. Texas

  8. Colorado

  9. Virginia

  10. Kansas 

On the other end of the spectrum, Michigan ranks at the bottom of the list, scoring a 28.94 out of 100, and landing at 49th for direct work factors and 45th for indirect work factors.

Click here to see where your state falls on the list.

Source: WalletHub

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