Almost Half Of Americans Think They Are Underpaid!

Unless you are a CEO making high six figures, there’s a good chance you wish your paycheck was a bit bigger each week, and it turns out you are not alone.

A new survey by Robert Half finds that while 49% of professionals think they compensated fairly at their job, 46% think they are underpaid, and only 5% actually think they are overpaid. Overall, workers over the age of 55 are more likely to think they are getting paid fairly (52%), as opposed to those 18 to 25, where only 44% are happy with their salary. And not surprisingly, women are more likely to feel underpaid (49%) than men (44%).

The survey also reveals which cities have the most workers who feel underpaid, with San Diego leading the pack with (62%). Other cities with a high percentage of workers feeling the deserve more money include: 

  • Austin, TX (54%)

  • Houston, TX (53%)

  • Nashville, TN (53%)

  • Philadelphia, PA (52%)

On the other end of the spectrum, Miami is the city with the fewest employees complaining about being underpaid, at only 33%. Other cities on that list include:

  • Dallas, TX (37%)

  • New York, NY (37%)

  • Los Angeles, CA(39%)

  • San Francisco, CA (39%) 

Source: Robert Half

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