The Most Expensive Team To Be A Fan Of!

In preparation for the upcoming NFL season, some number-crunchers at figured out just how much it costs to be a fan of every team.

To come up with the number, they took a look at such things as ticket prices and the cost of game day snacks, as well as travel and accommodation for away games.

Surprisingly, the Buffalo Bills topped the list, with an estimated $7,991 for the season. Also surprising is the cheapest team -- the Washington Redskins -- at an estimated $4,469.

Here’s a rundown of the top five most expensive teams to follow:

  1. Buffalo Bills - $7,991

  2. Houston Texans - $7,620

  3. Oakland Raiders - $7,292

  4. Detroit Lions - $7,083

  5. Seattle Seahawks - $7,060


And, the five cheapest teams to follow:

  1. Washington Redskins - $4,469

  2. Atlanta Falcons - $4,617

  3. New York Giants - $4,744

  4. Pittsburgh Steelers - $4,746

  5. Cincinnati Bengals - $4,919

In case you were wondering, beer is cheapest for Cincinnati Bengals fans, who can buy a small draft at every home and away game for “only” $95. 


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