Woman's Late Father Help Reveal The Gender Of Her Baby!

This tops all gender reveals! Make sure to grab some tissues!

Jennifer Jones-Prothro’s husband, James, was given the task of coming up with a creative way to reveal the gender of their unborn baby, due in December. He caught the moment on video, which has now been shared around the world.

“Hello, Jenny, this is your father.”

A simple phrase brings tears to Jennifer’s eyes.

“My dad battled prostate cancer for 16 years,” Jones-Prothro said.

The mother of nine says her father, Charlie, was a pivotal part of her family’s life. He was always there for every special moment -- until he lost his battle with cancer last year.


It was a special moment for the husband and wife. They say they were surrounded by the father and father-in-law in spirit.

Jones-Prothro and her husband say they are going to wait until the baby is born to choose a name. But they say they have already chosen a middle name --Charlie.

Source: FOX 40

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