There's a Marathon That Includes 23 Wine Tastings

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If you’ve ever scrolled through social media at all the people out  there training for and running in marathons and thought about joining them, that’s a start. And if you’re looking for a little more motivation  to lace up your shoes and start training, we have just the thing: a  marathon in France that includes wine tastings and snacks.

The annual Marathon du Médoc  is a 26.2-mile race in Bordeaux, France, every September. All the  athletes are required to wear a costume and along the way, participants  are invited to try 23 different wines on the course and there’s at least  one break for steak. The path takes runners through vineyards, past  chateaux, and gives them time to sample cheese, ice cream, and even  oysters.

Are the conditions extreme? Yes, but no one has ever died at the  Marathon du Médoc, although it probably helps that all contestants have  to submit a medical certification to compete. The race takes around six  and a half hours to finish and they encourage everyone to take their  time. And that’s a good thing, since a journalist for The Guardian who  competed in it admits there's an awful lot of projectile vomit on the courseWell what do you expect with wine, oysters, and all that running?

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