Chilli's Husband is a Hockey Champ

My husband Don has been a hockey fan his whole life. He started PLAYING hockey when he was a teenager. When we met, he was playing in a beer league (an adult hockey league) one night a week, year-round. His games were often late at night (after 8pm) after our son was born, Don hung up his skates. Staying up late on a weeknight to play hockey is tough when you have a child who doesn't sleep through the night. 

I know he missed his hockey buddies. Many of his teammates continued playing, while others "retired" along with Don. All that changed after the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. Suddenly, they were inspired and motivated to put their skates back on. He told me the team was getting back together to play over the summer. 

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't thrilled about him playing every Saturday night (that was our night to be alone as a couple). He assured me that it was just for 10-weeks. Summer only. 

He came home from his first game, excited they had won. He said it was great seeing the guys again. They picked up where they left off five years ago...and fell into a nice rhythm. His team continued to win every week. They played 20 games over the course of 10-weeks...and they lost only once. Not only that, but they swept the playoffs and won the championship!

Yup...that's my husband with the beer league's version of the Stanley Cup. What a fitting way to end a season that was inspired by the Caps. 

Toby + Chilli Mornings


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