Student Surprises School's Janitor With Dream Sneakers!


An unlikely bond between a Stafford County, Virginia, school janitor and a student has gone viral.

Angel Echevarria, a custodian at Stafford High School, says he is used to being overlooked.

But in the middle of the high school's bustling hallway, one student made an effort to get to know him.

Echevarria stays positive despite the hardships in his past. Before working as a janitor, he was homeless.

Echevarria and McAlister formed a friendship about two years ago when they started chatting and found out they both loved shoes!

That's when McAlister decided to surprise his friend.

While another classmate recorded him, he walked up to Echevarria with a gift: a pair of Jordan 8s.

McAlister's generosity spread online and throughout the school when he tweeted the video.

“Actually, we weren’t going to even videotape but my mom was like, 'I want to see his reaction!'”


So use this story as inspiration to spread a little kindness today! 


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