How Long Does It Take Couples To Get Comfortable With Each Other!


There are the classic milestones you hit in relationships like moving in with each other, getting engaged, getting married. They’re the heavy hitters. But there are some other milestones you hit that you’re probably not even thinking about – sleeping in the same bed, sleeping naked, brushing your teeth in front of each other. How long does it take to feel comfortable enough with your boo to do these things?

The answer kind of varies. According to a study by Mattress Advisor, men get much more comfortable around their partners much more quickly then the ladies. The numbers? It’ll take men about 2.8 months to feel comfortable sleeping naked with their boos while it’ll take the ladies about 4 months before that happens. As for things like wearing a retainer to bed? It’ll take the men about 3 months and the women about 9.

On the whole, it’s clear that the ladies are totally more insecure when it comes to really opening up around their partners. But one thing we all have in common? It’ll only take all of us 4 months to tell our partners they snore too loud. Thank goodness!!

Source: Independent

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