Subway Getting Rid Of $5 Footlongs For...Paninis!

Fans of Subway’s famous $5 Footlongs may be sad to see them no longer on menus at their local restaurant. According to CEO Trevor Haynes, each franchisee will now be allowed to decide if they want to sell the cheap subs anymore. The company brought back the $5 Footlong last year after not having them around for years and a lot of franchise owners were not happy because of costs, so Subway listened.


While some Subway locations will keep the $5 subs, others are going for other value options, like in San Francisco where customers can now get a six-inch for $3.99. The chain is also testing a spicier rotisserie chicken they’re calling Firebird Chicken and 200 locations in the San Diego area are trying out a quartet of new subs they’re dubbing “regional flavors.” And while Subway is known for those super long rolls, the company is also experimenting with paninis in California.

Source: USA Today

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