A Mom Reveals Her Lazy Hacks!

We’re not all the world’s greatest mom, so when we try to be on top of work and life responsibilities, we can feel like failures. And there are a lot of parenting hacks that don’t help because they’re too good for their own good. Some days we’re just trying to keep everyone alive and survive the day, so there’s no time to make our own yogurt.

Australian journalist and mom Alissa Warren gets that and offers up her own dirty little mom secrets - aka her “lazy mom” hacks to help us be the okayest moms out there:

  • Give up your vacuum cleaner for a leaf blower - She claims to have ditched her vacuum and just uses the leaf blower inside and outside her home.

  • Skip bath time - Some nights she just has the kids wash hands and faces, brush teeth, get in their jammies and head to bed.

  • Make sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them - Then she has lunches ready to go all week long.

  • Use a garden rake to clean up your kids' Legos - Alissa says she actually rakes her kids’ toys into the corner every night and only bothers picking up tiny Legos and puzzle pieces once a week since they’re just going to spread them all out by six the next morning.

  • Feed the kids outside in the summer - The kiddos like it because they can be outside eating in their undies if they want and they can make as big a mess. Mom likes it because she can hose the table off when they’re done and the house is still clean.

  • Make the bed twice with a mattress protector between the sheets- That way if your kid has an accident in the middle of the night, just strip the top layer and viola! A fresh set of sheets is ready to go underneath and everyone gets back to sleep sooner.

  • Don't unload the dishwasher - Save the steps to the cabinet and just grab what you need from the clean dishwasher load.

  • Put kids to bed in their clothes for the next day - This saves precious time on those days you have to be up early.

Source: The Stir

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