Avoid Buying These Foods To Save Money!

We’re spending so much money on groceries, and we’re probably not even really thinking about it. We can always justify buying food. But if you’re trying to save some cash on your weekly share, you might want to stay away from these items that are racking up your total:


  • Pre-cut fruits and vegetables

  • Small snack-sized portions

  • Fresh produce that’s out of season

  • Tomato sauce (make it at home!!)

  • Name brand cereal (seriously…they have tasty generic versions of everything)

  • Spices (salt, pepper and garlic powder are really all you need)

  • Pre-made trail mix


And if you’re going for cheap? Head to your local wholesale store so you can buy your groceries in bulk for cheaper. You know you’re always going to need things like coffee and granola bars – just buy a ton of it at once!


Source: Insider

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