Parents Spend A Lot Of Time Worrying About Their Kids!

It certainly isn’t uncommon for parents to worry about their kids, but how much they worry is another story. A new study finds that parents spend an average of five hours and 18 minutes a day worrying about their children, which amounts to a whopping 37 hours a week. And all this worrying isn’t good for their health, with 59% of parents saying they grow so concerned it keeps them up at night.

Overall, 54% of parents say being a parent is harder than they actually thought, and other parents aren't helping, with 48% of moms and dads saying they feel judged by other parents.

And it seems sending kids back to school often increases a parents worrying. In fact, 71% of parents say they worry more when their kid starts classes. So, what are the biggest things worrying parents of school children these days? Well, the most common, and somewhat obvious worry, is their child’s safety (48%), followed by whether their child is happy (43%) and whether they are being bullied (43%). 

Other concerns include:

  • If children are keeping up in class (41%)

  • Getting good grades (39%)

  • How well children will fit in with others (36%)

  • Whether children are eating okay (30%)

  • That children are enjoying their childhood (28%)

  • How easily children will be able to make friends (27%)

  • Coming home with lice (27%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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