A 9-Year-Old Pleas To Taco Bell To Deliver!

When nine-year-old Kinsley James asked her mom to take her to Taco Bell and mom said no, she didn’t pout or roll her eyes, she did something much more productive instead. The little girl put the skills she learned in a recent persuasive writing lesson at school to work and sent Taco Bell a letter asking them to start delivering.


Kinsley’s letter must have been good because Taco Bell invited her to share her idea with more than 400 franchise owners at the fast food chain’s upcoming annual convention. In the letter she writes, “Today I really wanted tacos, but my mean mom wouldn’t take me and I’m only nine so I cannot drive.” Then she lists a few reasons Taco Bell and the public would benefit from delivery, including “what if somebody just had surgery and cannot drive?” and “If you’re feeling lazy but really want nacho fries.” And the smart girl also pointed out, “This is a good way to make more money.”

Understandably, Kinsley is “a little nervous” about the convention, but she shouldn’t be. Taco Bell’s president of communications says her letter “affirms the need for the company to move forward with plans to provide a delivery service.” And the company is already testing a pilot program in Indianapolis with plans to roll out delivery across the U.S. So thank you Kinsley, from all the Taco Bell fans who would love to have delivery.

Source: Delish

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