This Gym Has A Selfie Room!

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While some people would rather die than let people see what they look like after a sweaty workout, there are apparently a lot of folks out there who can’t help but snap a selfie when they are getting their exercise on, and one gym in New Zealand has found a way to cater to those folks.

Christchurch's Anytime Fitness Hornby has now installed what they are calling a “selfie room,” complete with large mirrors and special lighting so members can get that perfect shot of their bulging muscles and glistening sweat to share on their Insta page.

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The gym notes that the selfie room actually serves two purposes. Not only does it give members who want to document their fitness progress a private place to do so, it protects those members who may feel uncomfortable with others taking photos in the gym’s public areas.

The gym’s Facebook page encourages those who like to track their progress with selfies to do so in the specially designed room, noting that such photos can be “super motivating and a great motive to keep pushing harder.” They even asked them to share them online, adding, “we’d LOVE to see your results.”

Source: The Mail

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