We Are More Miserable Than Ever!

These days it certainly seems that a lot of people are unhappy and it turns out that overall unhappiness isn’t reserved only for Americans. Gallup’s “Negative Experience Index,” which polled 154,000 people in 145 countries, finds that most people in the world are currently miserable. In fact, the results show more "negative" feelings amongst people worldwide than at any point since the polling company started the study in 2005.

The poll finds that worldwide, 38% of people say they experienced worry in the past day, while 37% have experienced stress, 31% physical pain, 23% sadness and 20% anger. When you look at the U.S. alone, it seems we have more worry and stress, with 39% saying they’ve experienced worry, and 40% experiencing stress, although America isn’t nearly the worst when it comes to stress. That would be folks in Greece, with 66% saying they experienced stress in the past day.

Meanwhile, the study finds that the Central African Republic is actually the most negative country in the world, with Iraq, last year’s most negative country, in second, and South Sudan in third. On the flipside, Paraguay topped the Positive Experience Index, followed by Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Canada.

Source: Moneyish

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