Avoid Keeping These Items In Your Purse!

We all know that keeping condoms in your wallet is a no go. It makes them weaker and therefore less affective. But there are things you should be watching for when you throw stuff in your purse, too. Keep the hand sanitizer, tampons, and tissues. But steer clear of these items:

  • Lists of passwords

  • Too many forms of ID (like your social security card)

  • Checkbooks

  • Large amounts of cash

  • ALL of your makeup

  • Old receipts

  • Snacks


There are some necessities you need in your bag before you leave. Maybe you’re the gal that always brings the phone charger wherever you go. But If you’re going to bring things that go bad or just sit in the bottom of your purse? You should rethink your purse inventory. Oh, and your bag should never weigh more than a gallon of milk, so cut down on what you bring with you!

Source: Business Insider

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