How To Free Up Space On Your Phone For iOS 12!


Assess Your Storage Situation

Lifehacker points out that the first step of freeing up space on your iPhone is to do a deep dive into what’s actually taking up that space. Fortunately, iOS 11 has a handy tool to help you with that. Go into Settings, then tap General, then iPhone Storage. You’ll see a bar that indicates how much is on your phone, broken down into categories. Depending on what’s taking up the most room, you’ll want to focus your deletion/curation efforts there. 

Deal With All Your Photos

The next time you’re stuck on your commute without service, commit to deleting all those thumbnails you never sent to the group chat, or screenshots you don’t need anymore, or any of the other miscellaneous pics we take but don’t actually need to archive. 

Clear Out Old Texts

Your iMessage or WhatsApp chats can be secret sources of tons of data. All those voice memos, meme screenshots, or other media add up over time. Go through your messaging apps and delete old threads you don’t actually need to go back to, as well as the photos, voice memos, or videos you sent through them. 

Get Into The Cloud

You can get a cloud-based storage service (or streaming service) for practically anything these days. Unless you often find yourself without service often, or keep extremely sensitive files on your phone, it may be worth looking into ponying up for cloud-based storage or streaming services.

Source: Bustle

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