Introducing Eco-Friendly Straws You Can Eat!

Plastic straws are being banned everywhere! Big companies continue to announce plans to eliminate plastic straws in coming years in favor of more eco-friendly options. Starbucks, for example, will switch to compostable straws and "sippy-cup" lids.

Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker, co-founders of LOLIWARE, "the world's first edible bioplastics company" are changing the way we think of eco-friendly straw use. LOLISTRAW is a "hypercompostable" and marine-degradable straw. Oh yeah, and you can eat it.

LOLISTRAW aims to replace the 500 million plastic straws used every day in the U.S., according to the product's Indiegogo page. LOLIWARE has taken to the crowd-funding site, offering different packages for those who donate to the brand.


LOLISTRAW, according to the website, is 100% plastic-free, and made from LOLIWARE's patent-pending, seaweed-based material technology. According to the brand, "Seaweed is a renewable resource that does not require land resources and actually absorbs CO2, which is why a seaweed-based product has an environmental advantage."

The edible straws cannot be captured by recycling waste streams, and according to LOLIWARE, the straws actually create new value after they're used in three ways: transforming into plant fuel through composting, machine fuel through anaerobic digestion, or of course, fuel for humans through eating.

In addition, the straws feel like plastic straws, but last up to 24 hours in a beverage with a shelf lie of up to 2 years, per the website!

Happy sipping! 

Source: Delish 

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