NFL Will Pay You To Try Stadium Food!

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If you love watching football, eating and traveling, then listen up. Marriott Hotels and the NFL have teamed up this football season to create what may be your new dream job: Courtyard NFL Global Correspondent. The job involves traveling to football stadiums in London, Mexico City, Minnesota, and Atlanta - for the Super Bowl and the application is open now.

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The guy at the register told me anything with sour cream was good.....baked potato tots #LeviStadium #49ers #feedmemore #nflfood

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The person chosen for this gig will interview fans of different teams to find “unique and interesting stories of NFL passion,” according to the job description. And because tailgating and stadium food are an important part of the whole football fan experience, you’d be asking hard hitting questions like “Do London sports fans tailgate with fish and chips?”

The application says you need to be passionate and knowledgeable about football and love to travel to qualify. And you’ll also need a flexible schedule since you’ll be heading to London in October, Minneapolis and Mexico City in November, and then to Atlanta in February for the Super Bowl. Want to apply? Check out all the details on the Courtyard Correspondent site.

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