T + C Mornings: September 14, 2018 Whole Show

T + C Mornings: September 14, 2018 Whole Show


Relive the best moments from Toby + Chilli Mornings including your favorite segments like the Nearly Impossible Question and Would You Rather, hot topics from each and every morning and more!

On today's show Toby had an interesting time getting out of the worlds WORST parking garage! Then Chilli fills everyone in on how her son's dentist appointment went! Have you been to an extravagant wedding? Listeners call in to share stories from the over-the-top wedding they were invited to! If you missed yesterday's crazy first dates, we've got you covered and Toby + Chilli reveal the toys that made it into the Toy Hall Of Fame! All this and more on today's show!

Toby + Chilli Mornings


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