People Using Hurricane Florence To Pick Up Tinder Dates!

As Hurricane Florence lashes the Carolinas, some locals and visitors are firing up their Tinder to find dates.

Claire Tran, a 21-year-old journalist in Washington, DC, told Insider she’s seen more than 10 Tinder profiles with bios referring to the Category 1 storm.

Tran told Insider that her Tinder matches’ bios included pickup lines like “Got evacuated from SC so let’s hurricane and chill?”

Some people are even trying to meet up during the storm according to Mackenzie Leone, a 24-year-old travel nurse who lives in Greenville, NC.

But others are just using Tinder to escape during a dangerous situation.

But Tran is still perplexed why people would get on a dating app in the middle of a storm.

“I feel like if I were escaping a life-threatening hurricane that could destroy my house I wouldn’t even be changing my bio and trying swiping on Tinder,”

she said.

So far, Florence has claimed the lives of seven people.

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